Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is essential to ensure that your website gets recognised and accepted by all the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista, etc. We keep search engines algorithms in mind when we design your website and basic search engine optimisation is included in every site we design. Our search engine optimisation ensures that your website will be recognised by these search engines, therefore more customers will find you on the internet
Search Engine Optimization is actually a very delicate and ongoing process of growing your search engine rankings. We realise all sites are different and have different methods of optimising, therefore each site gets examined extensively to decide on the proper approach needed.

After your website is up and running.

We offer services to maintain your website as well as search engine optimisation services to get you the highest possible search engine rankings. We will target international and local search engines and directories to generate inbound links and get you more targeted traffic.
You should also consider having your website submitted to more search engines and directories and there are thousands of them and most of them will count in your favour. Web submissions and running programs to compare your site with the top 10 sites on Google for your niche and making the necessary changes all takes a lot of time. Also submissions are not a once off task, and in order to obtain good rankings, submissions need to be done on a regular basis. If you submit too often or if you submit to too many of them at the same time you could get penalised or even banned. Not submitting often enough will cause your page rankings to drop.

We can solve all these problems and more for you.

Our basic Search Engine Optimization includes the following:

Making sure your Website is User friendly has a quick download time and Easy navigation. Cross browser compatibility. Making use of good programming skills and creating Web Pages that comply with the W3C standards. At Kleyn Begin Web Solutions we apply our basic Search Engine Optimization principals in every website creation such as naming pages appropriately, not using depreciated code, optimized navigation links, appropriate page titles, folder creation, page headings, alternate text and captions for images, image naming, etc. Your website is designed and developed in the right way giving you more value at the same price.


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