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Over the years we also dealt with different people from different communities. In them we saw a great need in many people’s lives and hearts. To our detriment we found a great need for food in so many children and our older generation.

As a company we wanted to help. We started with the children. Way back in 2000 a feeding scheme was born, but it was unstructured. We just had to reach out with the minimum skills and recourses we had. As our focus then, was on children, we contacted schools to see what the need for food was. We did the only thing we could think off and phoned around, knocked on company’s doors, asked our friends and family to see if anyone would be interested in sponsoring food, clothing, shoes, toys etc. for the feeding scheme.

As things progressed as did the number of children we fed. NGO’s contacted us for sponsorships and then we were ready to register our own Non Profit Organization – Community Care Action Corporation (CCAC). From that point we grew in leaps and bounds. We are now feeding 550 children and pensioners, on a daily basis, from all kinds around the Western Cape.

We now have a very structured way of working and this also helps us to get the children off the streets and into the schools. We very seldom ask for monetary sponsorships because we don’t want to buy food. We want everyone we know, businesses and friends alike to give as they feel a need to give. We like to also do special giving over the Christmas period. These children and adults alike don’t know the meaning of a feast, nor what it is to get a dress or toy wrapped in pretty paper, we want to make a difference.

In 2004 we had a very bad experience. This project was so worth while to everybody connected to Kleyn Begin and CCAC and people really opened there hearts to give over that Christmas period. The evening before our Christmas party to the kids, we put together all the presents, food, clothes, stationary, even blankets and started packing the car so we could leave early the next morning to deliver everything to the different schools. That night however the car was stolen and everything in it was gone. It was such a sad day when we had to tell these kids that there will be no party or any gifts that year, but that did not stop peoples hearts from opening once again. We phoned all our sponsors and told them the bad news. Within 2 days we were back on track and although we did not have so much as we had lost we could still give everyone something small and no one went hungry.

If anyone should be interested in our reaching out project by sending any kind of food, clothes, shoes, stationary etc please contact us. We would love to distribute it to the great need in our communities.


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